Auction Conditions

Who can participate?

Any member of DMF can participate.

Non-members can participate if they pay a fee of 500 DKK, which will include a one year membership of DMF.

With your first bid, please state your name, address and phone number.

If you have any problems, feel free to contact Sven Münther

by phone: +45 2087 5727

or by mail:


Bids are submitted by sending an email with the heading ‘AUCTION’ to:

No bids by text message or by phone!

When the bid is registered on the auction list, it is valid for 24 hours, and if no higher bid is obtained during this period, the lot in question goes to the bidder.

Minimum bids:

As long as the price is less than DKK 100,-  you must raise your bid by at least DKK 10,-

When the price is between 100,- and  250,- you must raise by at least 25,-

When the price is between 250,- and 500,- you must raise by at least 50,-

When the price is above 500,- ypu must raise by at least 100,-

The list will be updated approximately two times a day, depending on the number of bids.

Auction numbers completely without bids are withdrawn after 10 days and deleted from the list.


Parts of this auction catalog is coming from the collection of Dr. Østerbye. Unfortunately this material has been stored in a damp cellar. It has some fungus and may smell mouldy.

The items in question are all marked: ‘Fra Østerbyes samling’


When the auction has ended, an invoice and a list of the acquired material will be sent to the buyer, which immediately thereafter must pay to Sven-Erik Olsen by bank transfer to DMF bank account in Jyske Bank:

IBAN: DK 0250 43000 133 1177  /  SWIFT: JYBADKKK

Remember to state your name so that it is registered correctly.

Quality rating:

Condition A: Fine condition.

Condition B: The material is slightly flawed.

Condition C: The material is quite worn, and have some defects.

Condition D: The material is incomplete and/or in a very bad condition.

Where nothing else is stated, the lot condition is ‘B’

Some lots are reproduced with a photo – but in general we refer to where most sheets are reproduced. If you want more information about a lot, feel free to send your questions by email to:

Shipping / Pickup:

If the purchased material is not marked with the abbreviation KIS (meaning ‘cannot be sent’) it can be sent, with addition of shipping costs, and by agreement with DMF secretary Søren Gleerup, mail:

All material must be picked up no later than 3 month after the auction has ended.

Uncollected material will be reclaimed by DMF.


Bids can be submitted no earlier than November 14th at 00.01 am

Abbreviations used:

mtp  = cut scene

bagt = backdrop

kul  = side wings

tr  = transparent

fig  = characters

udg  = edition

forst = enlarged

forsk udsk = cut out differently

mgl = missing

KIS = can’t be sent